TOTO Ltd. is a world-renowned Japanese brand that specializes in luxurious, high-tech, and sustainable sanitary ware products.

As the largest sanitary ware brand in the world, TOTO has a reputation for excellence and innovation in the industry. With a focus on sustainability and cutting-edge technology, TOTO has established itself as a leader in the market, providing customers with the latest in bathroom products. From Washlets and toilets to bathtubs and showers, TOTO’s products are designed with quality and functionality in mind, making them a popular choice for consumers and industry professionals alike.


Leading Through Values

We’re All About Family

Respect. Excellence. Collaboration. Intergrity

  • Established in the 1930s as a trading business Al-Futtaim today,is one of the most diversified and progressive, privately held regional business houses headquartered in Dubai, United  Arab Emirates.
  • We partner with around 200 of the world’s most admired and innovative brands that are nurtured by 42,000 employees, across 29 countries, within the GCC, Greater Middle East, South East Asia, Africa and Europe.
  • Spanning four division within: Automotive, Retail, Real Estate, and Financial Services, our businesses, built on a portfolio of world-leading brands, dominate their sector.
  • Entrepreneurship and rigorous customer focus has enabled Al-Futtaim to grow by responding to the changing needs of our customers and societies in which we operate



TOTO strives to create a great company that is trusted by people around the world and to contribute to the betterment of society.

To achieve our philosophy, TOTO will:

  • Create an enriched and more comfortable lifestyle and culture built on our plumbing products
  • Pursue customer satisfaction by exceeding expectations with our products and services
  • Provide high-quality products and services through ongoing research and development
  • Protect the global environment by conserving finite natural resources and energy.
  • Create an employee friendly work environment that respects individuality